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Aftermarket Bike Parts

aftermarket bike parts

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No Hugger / Hugger - Kawasaki Versys

No Hugger / Hugger - Kawasaki Versys

It's like a little version of those "spot the difference" things you get in magazines.

Mr Kawasaki must think a hugger is a good idea on the Versys because he kindly put some holes on the swing arm but unfortunately didn't bother to fit one as standard (mmmmmm now why would that be I wonder?). Having "endured" six months of crouching down trying to clean around the shock and the underside of the bike, it was time to get a hugger. What a nice piece of kit. Easy to fit and looks great and hopefully no more impersonations of a contortionist at cleaning time.

The Oland Special

The Oland Special

A 1971 Commando parts bin bike that started with a set of blue handgrips. The idea was to create the lowered look. The shocks & fork tubes are 1" shorter and the wheels are 18" front and back. The rear loop on the frame was gone so a shortened loop to match the shortened Roadter seat was fabricated. The Z plates are shortened as well. SS pipes with aftermarket mufflers. The engine is stock except for porting of the head. John says it makes 63 hp on the dyno.

aftermarket bike parts

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